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I’ve been asked why my family and I are sponsoring the Evergreen National Education Prize. I feel fortunate for the life I’ve led, and while I believe that my success has been a product of hard work, I’ve  also had a lot of luck. I came from  a family in Missouri that had never gone to college. I received a full ride to Princeton in 1953 and worked every day for the next 65 years to live up to the opportunity I was given. Now I have the ability, and duty, to pay it forward. 

With thousands of organizations across the country working to help low-income students complete a degree program, there isn’t enough solid evidence about what’s really effective.  I believe we need an objective means to learn which programs work and should be scaled. We’ve designed the Evergreen Prize to identify and scale the organization with the best program proven to boost low-income youth success in colleges or vocational schools.

If my family and I could choose only one way to help our U.S. society improve, what better arena than education?

—Jerry Greenwald