Evergreen National Education Prize


Questions & Answers


➤ WHAT IS the Evergreen Prize?

The Evergreen Prize recognizes programs that best help low-income youth access and complete college or vocational degrees. Our goal is to identify and grow exciting new programs that significantly boost lower income 18 to 25 year-old students toward college and vocational school success. 

➤ WHAT IS the HISTORY OF THE Evergreen Prize?

2018 was the inaugural year of the Evergreen Prize. We were thrilled to receive over 70 applications and ultimately offer the award to College Possible. Selected among three finalists, College Possible, based in Minneapolis, has delivered successful, intensive, research-based curriculum of coaching and academic support to help students advance on a pathway to postsecondary success. 


The Evergreen Prize is offered by the Greenwald Family Foundation. The Evergreen Prize is guided by the Steering Committee, a group of talented individuals from philanthropy, education, media, and other fields who are committed to the Prize’s mission. The Prize is managed by America Succeeds.


The Evergreen Prize awards $125,000 annually to three finalists. The top prize is awarded $100,000, support in building relationships with funders and influencers in this space, and significant help in promoting their program. The 2nd and 3rd place finalists also receive a monetary prize and promotional support. Apply online here.


The Evergreen Prize is open to organizations that meet the following criteria: US-based nonprofit or government organization; focused on supporting low-income youth access and complete college or a vocational degree; and, have an annual operating budget under $8 million. Apply online here.


Organizations should complete the online application between June 4th to July 12th to be considered for the Evergreen Prize. If you have any questions about the application please submit them to info@evergreenprize.org. 

➤ Can my organization submit Two different programs?

Yes, your organization may submit an application for two programs as long as they are distinct and separate programs for which you have rigorous evidence of the program’s impact on completion of a college or vocational degree for low-income students.

➤ Does my organization or program have to work with students all the way through college to be eligible for the Prize?

No. We recognize there are multiple paths organizations and programs can take to support low-income students to earn a postsecondary degree. For instance, your program might provide intensive advising that helps students go to higher-quality colleges, and by virtue of attending better schools, students graduate at higher rates. Or you might provide skill training that supports students to complete workplace-relevant vocational degrees. Our primary interest is in organizations or programs that can show, ideally through a rigorous independent evaluation, that they have supported more low-income students to earn a college or postsecondary vocational degree.

➤ We want to maintain the integrity of our program while scaling our implementation. Do we have control over how organizations implement our program?

If an organization attributes a program to your organization or brand name, they must implement your program in full. We will not require you to scale portions of your program in a way that denigrates the program.  

➤ Will I get the opportunity to solicit funds for my program from the Evergreen Judges?

The judges will be reviewing applications and therefore your program will get visibility from people and foundations interested in this space. We hope this leads to greater interest in your organization but cannot guarantee an opportunity to solicit funds from Evergreen Judges.

➤ What does it mean that the Evergreen Prize Winner will get "ongoing PR and marketing support?"  

The Evergreen Prize Steering Committee and a third party PR firm will be promoting the Winner's organization and program immediately following the Award to encourage awareness and incremental donations. This activity will continue for at least 3 months.


Applications are reviewed by the Judge Committee according to a rubric of criteria, available for preview online. The same criteria are used by the Judge Committee for each phase of the process. The finalists will be announced in mid-August and invited to attend the October Awards Dinner in New York City. The winner will be announced live at the Awards Dinner.

➤ Who should I contact if I have questions about the application process?

Applications for the 2019 Evergreen Prize open on June 4th. For questions about the application process, please contact info@evergreenprize.org or use the contact form.